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Solomon Ministries clients and colleagues have been extremely satisfied with Solomon qualifications, service, and character in the assistance of the members of God's Kingdom. 



Macedonia World Missions

Dr. Scott Caudill


Harrison, Tennessee

Baptist Int'l Missions


Baptist Bible Fellowship

Pastor Mike Marcellus

Shelton Smith.jpg

Sword of the Lord

Dr. Shelton Smith

John Reynolds.jpg

Southwide Baptist Fellowship

Pastor John Reynolds


Baptist Bible Fellowship

Pastor Tim Adrian



Pastor Ernest Groce

Victory Baptist Church

Chickamauga, GA

Steve came to my church last year and spoke and preached a great message out of Malachi chapter 3.  It was about how God's people can receive blessings.  It moved and changed our church.  The congregation talked about it for weeks.  I strongly recommend to other pastors that you have Steve Sanders come preach this at your church.

Pastor Gary Ledford

University Baptist Church

Atlanta, GA

It has been my privilege to know Steve Sanders for almost 3 years. I can say that he is a friend of University Baptist Church and myself. He has been very helpful in making sure that my wife and I are protected for years to come financially. He has not only helped us but he has helped some of our members in planning their financial future. I can highly recommend his ministry to others and have done so here in the State of Georgia.

Pastor Mike Marcellus

First Independent Baptist Church

Austin, TX

With Solomon, I have the choice of growing my retirement money without the potential of any loss. I can also be certain that my investments are made in properly and thoroughly vetted Christian businesses. I can call Solomon and talk to an actual Christian financial advisor who can help me understand my investments. They are concerned about making sure I have a plan to take care of my wife when I am gone. They make sure that I have a retirement plan and that it will provide a guaranteed tax-free income. 

Pastor Bob Adrian

Liberty Baptist Church

Kansas City, KS

My wife and I, along with several people in our church, have been greatly helped with our retirement, through the ministry of Steve Sanders. He will be a blessing, as well as a help to anyone , who will choose to use him. I encourage you to call Steve. Let him be of service to you and your church people.

Pastor Jason Stoeber

Grace Baptist Church

Goldsboro, NC

It has been my joy to get to know Bro. Sanders over the past few months! I have had him in to preach at our church on two different occasions, and each time our congregation has been helped immensely. His desire to help Independent Baptist Pastors with many of the financial challenges and hardships that we all face is evident from the first conversation you have with him. When he speaks to the congregation, the information given is not only biblical, but incredibly helpful as well.  I would encourage you to at least talk with him and see what the Lord might be able to do!

Pastor Terry D. Sellars

Faith Baptist Church & Christian Academy

Ludowici, GA

Steve is an outstanding preacher of God's Word and an able teacher of its truths. He has earned my respect and admiration having maintained a testimony that honors Christ. He has proven himself to be a tremendous help to our church collectively and to me personally. 

I have only good things to say about Bro. Steve as a teacher, preacher, leader, and friend. I am confident he will be an asset wherever he serves in the ministry, and I recommend him to you without reservation.

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